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Top 5 National Parks In Gabon

Loango, Gabon

Gabon is an ideal location for those interested in viewing primates and one of the largest populations of western lowland gorillas can be found here along with large numbers of other primates such as chimpanzees and mandrills. Following are the top 5 national parks in Gabon where you will get the best wildlife opportunities:

1. Loango National Park

Considered the ultimate safari destination in Central and West Africa, Loango is characterised by its wild coastal waterways, remote beaches and miles of untouched savannah and rainforests. Also a natural refuge to a variety of marine life, primates and other exotic mammals including the mythical ‘surfing’ hippos and forest elephants, the park’s other star attraction includes families of western lowland gorillas, reptiles and hundreds of bird species and migrating sea turtles.

2. Lope National Park

Intersected by the equator and the Ogooué River, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed park is one of Africa’s most vital primate habitats including the African mandrill and suntailed guenon. Hemmed in by vast expanses of savannah, mist-covered hillsides and enclaves of ancient rainforest and forest gallery; Lopé is equally an important refuge for forest elephants, buffalos, western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees and scores of new-world monkeys. Archaeological findings from the Stone and Iron Ages equally connect Lopé with its past; with its ancient migratory and trade corridor revealing Gabon’s important role in the evolution of the African people.

3. Ivindo National Park

One of the most alluring parks for intrepid travellers, Ivindo is an ecological treasure — rich with wildlife habitats for large and small mammals, reptiles, hundreds of bird species and rare flora. More incredibly, it’s blessed with three thundering waterfalls; known as the ‘Wonders of Ivindo,’ serpentine rivers and an ancient forest clearing; the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Langoué Baï. Lauded as ‘Africa’s Last Living Eden,’ here the wildlife viewing is exceptional, with the surrounding forest and mineral-rich baï abound with the largest gathering of forest elephants and western lowland gorillas found in Central Africa.

4. Waka National Park

Renowned medical missionary and humanitarian, Dr Albert Schweitzer once observed four hippos on a sandbank along Moukalaba Doudou’s Ogooué River. Taking in the unbridled simplicity and beauty of the setting, this vision became the cornerstone of his philosophy; Reverence for life.

The park’s ancient savannah and forests also leave lasting impressions and serve as vital ecosystems for many species of flora and fauna including the largest concentration of primates in Gabon.

5. Monts de Cristal

A botanist’s nirvana, you can explore the park’s coastal forest teeming with rare plant species, forest mammals and small primates; colourful mandrills and suntailed monkeys. With year-round rainfall and intense humidity, the park is constantly shrouded in clouds and mist, a lifeline to countless tropical blooms such as wild orchids and vibrant pink begonia that flourish along the mountain slopes.

In the same way, Monts de Cristal is a magnet for lepidopterists in search of hundreds of colourful butterflies. Beautiful mottled-green nymph, forest queen & king emperors and paradise skipper. Also studded with scattered villages, the park doubles as a great introduction to Gabon’s local culture.

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