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Port Gentil

Port-gentil, Gabon

Port-Gentil is a seaport in Gabon, a country on the coast of Central Africa. The city, which is a center for the petroleum industry, is on the Cape Lopez peninsula and has a sheltered harbor and beaches like Plage du Dahu. The 1927 St. Louis Church is among the city’s landmarks. At the tip of the peninsula is the 20th-century Cape Lopez Lighthouse.

The town is now known for its hotels and its nightlife, while attractions include the St Louis Church (built-in 1927), a zoo, a casino, beaches, and a golf course, as well as the wildlife in local swamps. You will enjoy yourself with your family there, especially your kids. St. Louis Church will show you the heritage architecture there. To enjoy the nightlife of there you move to the casino of this city.

The Portuguese navigator Lopo Gonçalves first rounded Cape Lopez in 1473. By the end of the 19th century several commercial houses were established there, and okoume wood (Gabonese mahogany) was exported. The discovery of oil offshore at nearby Ozouri and Pointe Clairette in 1956 stimulated Port-Gentil’s commercial and industrial growth. A petroleum port was constructed, and an oil refinery and training school for the workers opened at Pointe Clairette. In addition, sawmilling and the production of plywood and veneer are also important.

The Köppen-Geiger climate classification system classifies Port-Gentil's climate as tropical wet and dry (Aw). Despite the fact that the city lies in close proximity to the equator, Port-Gentil experiences noticeably warmer and cooler periods of the year with average temperatures in July (the city's coolest month) hovering at around 23.5 °C (74.3 °F) and average temperatures in February and March (the city's warmest months) at around 27 °C (81 °F). Port-Gentil features a lengthy wet season that runs from October through May and a relatively short dry season that covers the remaining four months.

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