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Pongara National Park

Pointe-denis, Gabon
Less than an hour Libreville boat, Pongara national park covers 870 km2 between the left bank of the estuary of the Komo and the 
Atlantic beach.
Majestic mangroves have developed Pongara and one can admire the mangroves with stilt roots. These mangroves teem with life. 
The tangle of roots, which stabilizes the soil and protects it from storms and erosion, provides shelter to millions of fish, frogs, crabs,
and mudskippers: a curious little fish can move out of the water as a frog hunt for insects.
The beaches Pongara, too, are very popular with coastal wildlife. sometimes you can see the traces of hippos and crocodiles between
the lagoons and the sea. Hundreds of sea turtles nest on these beaches while humpback whales and dolphins stay in the waters of Pongara.
Also in Pongara we have, Tern of whale, an endangered species, lives on the Gabonese coast outside the breeding season.
The variety of landscapes is a beautiful sample of the spectacle of nature in Gabon. But there is another diversity Pongara: that of the visitor: 
follower of the beach near the Pointe Denis, canoe fisherman in mangroves or nature lovers in the new trails. A Pleasure !!!

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