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Makokou & Kongou Falls

Makokou, Gabon

Makokou is the capital of the Ogooué-Ivindo region and the gateway to Kongou waterfalls – Gabon’s own version of Niagara Falls. Located inside Ivindo National Park, Kongou is definitely a must-see with a 60-metre drop and great spiritual significance to the local people. The village of Makokou is rather isolated but does have air, rail, and river access.

Chutes Kongou (also called the Koungou Falls) is a massive cataract about 3.2 kilometres wide and up to 56 m tall, located in Ivindo National Park in eastern Gabon. It is located on the Ivindo River and is one of the strongest-flowing waterfalls in the world with an average flow of 900 cubic metres per second. It is reputed to be the most beautiful waterfall in Central Africa. This part of the Ivindo River is a major centre of fish biodiversity. The falls are within Ivindo National Park, created in 2002 to protect among other things this beautiful and biologically diverse stretch of river.

The waters of the Ivindo descend slowly between two great walls of the virgin forest: the different types of forest make the journey really breath-taking and the chance to be on one of the last African rivers un-spoiled by Man is once in a lifetime. There are many species of birds to be seen, besides the elephants in the forest, the marshbuck and the bushpig. The Kongou camp, which is behind the falls, means you will have the chance to pass the night in an un-spoilt equatorial forest.

Pygmies live in the forest surrounding the village and using the village as a base camp gives you great opportunities to interact with the locals.

Getting There:

By taxi or Bus:
There are a number of buses and taxis brousse that depart every day from Libreville for Makokou. The Société gabonaise de Transport runs 1 or 2 50-seater buses to Makoko everyday. The société Etoile Transport, JC Transport, Dino Transport, and others leave from Libreville to Makoko everyday. Allow about 10-12hours of journey time. Tickets about cost 15-20.000 Fcfa/person (price may change)

By train:
Train from Libreville to Boué (night train, arriving at 3 am), then taxi brousse booked in advance for Makokou (3-4 hour).

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