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Lope Park

Lopé, Gabon
Lope Park, The pride of GABON!
National Park Lope is located to the north of the massif Chaillu in the heart of Gabon. The park has a variety of ecosystems, primary and
 secondary forests, savannahs and rivers in a beautiful hilly scenery, rocky in places. National Park Lope consists of former savannas of at 
least 40 000 years, and a forest regions called "Pleistocene refugia." He is known especially for its rich flora. Marantaceae forests in the Lope 
National Park have the highest animal biomass of all the tropical rainforests of the world. The Lope park is also known for its large herds of 
mandrills, its rock carvings, reflections of a major migration route between other borrowed by the Bantu, and carved stones dating from 2000 
and 400,000 years respectively.
Internationally well know, Lope Park is visited by thousands of visitors and highly recommended by Tour Operators.


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