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Leconi, Gabon

Lékoni or Leconi is a town in southeastern Gabon, lying east of Bongoville on the Lekoni River, surrounded by the Batéké Plateau. It is known for the Léconi Canyons (actually craters) and Léconi Park, a private wildlife park also involved in agriculture.

Batéké Plateau

The Batéké Plateau is located around the border between the Republic of Congo and Gabon. In both countries it gave names to departments:

Plateaux Department in Haut-Ogooué Province, Gabon
Plateaux Department, which is a first-level subdivision in Congo.
The reaches between 550 and 830 metres and is rich in manganese. The Bateke Plateau is an ancient volcanic area.

Several rivers rise in that area, including the Niari River, which flows in Congo, the Ogooue, Mpassa, Ndjoumou, Lekabi and Lekey Rivers which flow in Gabon.

Lekoni Park
Léconi Park is private wildlife and agricultural park in Lékoni in south-east Gabon in Africa.

Wildlife of Gabon
Gabon has important populations of many mammals including about 35,000 gorillas, 50,000 forest elephants and 64,000 common chimpanzees. About a quarter of Africa's gorillas live in Gabon. Other large mammals include the hippopotamus, forest buffalo, bongo and red river hog. A variety of monkeys occur, including the endemic Sun-tailed monkey, and the near-endemic mandrill and white-collared mangabey (here near-endemic meaning most of the individuals of these species are in Gabon, but that they also occur in the neighbouring countries as well). . Carnivorous mammals include the leopard, golden cat, and various jackals, mongooses, genets and civets. The last lion was killed in 1996 in the savannahs of the east of the country. The West African manatee is found along coasts and large rivers while the humpback whale breeds offshore.

A variety of snakes are found including the Gaboon viper. Sea turtles breed along the coast, particularly the leatherback turtle.

There are 604 species of birds throughout the country.

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