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Franceville, Gabon

Franceville is one of the four largest cities in Gabon, It grew from a village named Masuku when Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza chose it to resettle former slaves and renamed it Francheville (meaning "city of the freed") in 1880. The city later came to be called Franceville. Features of the town include St Hilaire's Church (built-in 1899), a large statue of President Omar Bongo (who was born in Franceville), a primate medical research institute, and a golf course. Its airport is 20 km west, in Mvengué.

There is a market where numerous items can be purchased, including clothing, fruit and vegetables, electronics, meats, and the market also sells bushmeat, which includes African Rock Python, monkeys, and local species of animals. If you don't like the meat of such species then don't worry, there is much to eat in restaurants over there where you can enjoy the delicacies which you want to be. You can shop the various handicrafts from the local market which will show you the culture of Gabon in them.

Franceville's infrastructure is overall of better quality than the rest of the country, most probably because of the city's significance. Franceville also has many waterfalls. One of the best known is the Poubara Falls, which is co-located with a hydroelectric plant that provides the area with constant electricity.

The market makes for a fun stroll – be sure to check out the bushmeat, which includes African Rock Python! For nature lovers, the Poubara Falls are nearby and make for an excellent nature walk. You will definitely enjoy the nature walk there if you are a nature lover. Be sure that you are with your guide while walking there and do not try to swim in the fall without proper guidance or if you don't know the swimming well.

Franceville has a tropical savanna climate (Köppen climate classification Aw). There are a lot of thunderstorms in the city.

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