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Donguila, Gabon

Donguila is a small town in Gabon , located in the Komo-Mondah department in the Estuary province. The city of Donguila is located on the right bank of the Komo river between the city of Libreville and that of Kango. It also has access to the N1 road, then by taking the L106 to Ntoum. Donguila has located about 70 km from Libreville, on the right bank of the Komo between the Rogolié and Assango rivers.

The town of Donguila, located 30 km from Ntoum , is made up of many villages, the most important of which are Nyantsobe, Mbol Ezok, Saint Henri Le Four à Chaud (Aufourachaud), Mekome, Edzoung Alenga, Donguila center made up of the mission and the coastal part of the village, Foula, Abian Mifak, Bon Coin, PK25, PK24, Elong Eko, and Nzamalighe.

Upon their arrival in the Donguila sector, the Akélé, the first occupants of the sector, probably coming from the left bank, settled on the edge of the Komo. None before them had lived in this area. There, they founded their first village, the original name of which becomes hypothetical. Indeed, on the origin and meaning of the toponym "Donguila", several hypotheses are advanced.

The first sees it as Akélé because the ethnic group was the first to inhabit this area. The term would come from the deformation of "Bidonla", the name of a local chief.

Education was part of the social work of missionaries. In Donguila, there were two schools: one for boys and one for girls. In addition, there was a vocational school for "apprentices". The young boys received mainly moral and religious instruction; secondarily they learned to read and write French. The young girls received an introduction to housework, sewing and embroidery. This work was completed by the opening, in 1909, of a novitiate for the formation of future nuns. The workshop section, run by Father Henri Guillet, was reserved for older boys.

Let's say that Donguila is the second mission established in Gabon after Sainte Marie. Saint-Paul de Donguila played a considerable role in the expansion of Christianity and in the education of young Gabonese.

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