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Cristal Mountain

Libreville, Gabon
The Monts de Cristal, virgin and unspoilt

One of the least accessible to humans parks, National Park Crystal Mountains, withan area of ​​1,200 km2, consists of large blocks of
rainforest with reliefs from 200 to over 900 meters. 
At altitude, clouds and mists, almost constant, create favorable conditions for the development of plants eager to moisture, such 
as orchids. There are even plants that have still not been identified. Crystal Mountains are considered by many botanists as having
the greatest plant diversity throughout Africa.
These mountains are also home to a unique diversity of rare and colorful butterflies. The number of butterflies species is one of the
highest in Africa. But the Crystal Mountains are not the property of the smallest. Large charismatic mammals such as mandrills and 
elephants also live there.
In fact, the park is known internationally for its biological richness and we invite you to discover this special place.

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