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Cocobeach, Gabon

Cocobeach is a town in northwestern Gabon, lying on the south bank of the Muni River. It is the capital of the Noya Department. It has a beach and is the main border town for Equatorial Guinea, ferries sailing to Cogo across the river and the border.

Coco used to be just an unremarkable small fishing village, but now it's one of the most promising tourist destinations in Gabon thanks to the unique Crystal Mountains natural reserve, located a few kilometers away. Another highlight of Coco is its magnificent beaches covered with soft white sand and framed by an emerald necklace of exotic palm trees and mangroves. This is a real paradise for fans of pristine nature, where every true connoisseur of beach holidays dreams of being in. You will really love to visit here on your Gabon trip.

The town is very small, containing just a fishing village, a small market and a number of adjacent beaches. It is one of the major travel destinations in the region owing to the Crystal Mountains inland from the town, which contain some of the oldest rainforests in Gabon. These were able to largely escape the drying effect of glacial periods of the Quaternary due to the persistent fog from the Benguela Current providing moisture during the dry season.

Like a good portion of Gabon, Cocobeach has a tropical monsoon climate (Köppen Am) with a long wet season from September or October to May and a short dry season due to the cold, foggy Beneguela current during the southern hemisphere winter.

Compared to more southerly parts of Gabon, Cocobeach is somewhat wetter, with around ten to fifteen percent more rainfall than Libreville and a dry season usually several weeks shorter. Although no reliable climate data exist, it is often thought that annual rainfall further north may reach high.

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