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Cathédrale Sainte Marie

Libreville, Gabon

The Sainte-Marie cathedral, built-in 1958 by Bishop Adama, was built on the site of the former Fort d’Aumale, the first post built by the French Navy in 1843. It dominates the boulevard and has pretty stained glass windows. It was built to replace the first church, Notre-Dame de Neiges, still standing but not visiting. It was built and blessed in 1864 by Bishop Bessieux who stands in front of this church alongside Bishop Le Berre, Bishop Martrou, and Bishop Ndong, other great figures of the archdiocese. The Masses celebrated are often full, alive, and bridged with gospel music. A beautiful way to discover the religious fervor of the Gabonese people.

Founded when the first Christians arrived in Gabon, St Marie Cathedral remains a major architectural landmark and an important place of worship for the local community. Stop by for a service, or walk around the building for a few memorable snapshots of your visit.

Here you will see the architecture of Gabon. Must watch in Gabon if you are thinking that Gabon is only famous for its Wildlife. To know more about culture better to go on Sunday for morning prayer in church. And if you want to avoid crowds better to go on a weekday but this place is a must-visit.

Travel to Libreville
Libreville is the largest city in and capital of Gabon. It is a port city that is home to one-third of the country's population.

Libreville is the terminus of the Trans-Gabon railway, connecting with Franceville in the interior of the country. There are overnight services at least three times per week with a journey time of about 12 hours for the full length. The railway station, 2 Gare d'Owendo is about 10 km south of the city center, near the port.

Address: Estuaire | Vallée Sainte Marie, Libreville, Gabon

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