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Bateke Plateaux

Franceville, Gabon

BATEKE PLATEAUX, Roofs of Gabon Parks

Located in the extreme South East part of Gabon,on the Congolese Borders, the Park Batéké trays cover  2050 Km2 with Peaks rising to 860 meters.

The Batéké Trays are a huge ocean of grass in the heart of the equatorial forest. These vast open savannahs were formed millenia ago on the sand dunes, become green hills, now covered by Forest strips along the River Mpassa. In places, the gentle terrain is broken by spectacular multicolor sand cliffs, pink, orange or black, erosion cirques called " Canyons". To be seen in a lifetime. This site is still empty and contibute largely to the beauty of the park, one of special places in the world that is not overflown by planes, no road crossing and where only ligths at Night are stars.

You will find a great diversity of species as Elephants, Gorillas, Buffalos and Wild pigs out of the forest to the river to drink and eat in savannah. There are also charismatic species as Lions and hyenas surviving there.

Birds you can in Batéké Plateaux are very rare as Batis angola, Bulbul Black collar and Francolin Finsch. Others Birds are nowhere on the plates: Wheatear Congo and black-chinned weaver. A great spectacle for Ornithologists !!!

The Batéké Plateaux are also the heart of the Téké Kingdom, who culture still continues in its traditional forms.

One word has to be said : Come !!!


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