Exploring Tourism in Gabon
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Gabon Popular Places to Visit

Top 5 National Parks In Gabon

Gabon is an ideal location for those interested in viewing primates and one of the largest populations of western lowland gorillas can be found here along with large numbers of other primates such as chimpanzees and mandrills. Following are the top 5 national parks in Gabon where you will get the best wildlife opportunities: 1. Loango National Park Considered the ultimate safari

Top 5 Cities Of Gabon

Gabon country is known as ‘the last Eden on Earth,’ and once you’ve visited, you’re likely to agree. In the cities in Gabon, you’ll find yourself in an undiscovered paradise of white sandy beaches, dense jungle, pristine landscapes, and raging rivers. Following are the top 5 cities of Gabon that you want to visit on your Gabon tour: 1. Libreville Libreville is


Lékoni or Leconi is a town in southeastern Gabon, lying east of Bongoville on the Lekoni River, surrounded by the Batéké Plateau. It is known for the Léconi Canyons (actually craters) and Léconi Park, a private wildlife park also involved in agriculture. Batéké Plateau The Batéké Plateau is located around the border between the Republic of Congo and Gabon. In both countries


Donguila is a small town in Gabon , located in the Komo-Mondah department in the Estuary province. The city of Donguila is located on the right bank of the Komo river between the city of Libreville and that of Kango. It also has access to the N1 road, then by taking the L106 to Ntoum. Donguila has located about 70 


Koulamoutou is the capital of Ogooué-Lolo Province in east-central Gabon, with a population of around 16,000 people. It lies at the confluence of the Lolo River and the River Bouenguidi and on the N6 road. The town has an airport and had been developed by a Minister of Tourism born in a nearby village. The town has a museum, a cinema,


Cocobeach is a town in northwestern Gabon, lying on the south bank of the Muni River. It is the capital of the Noya Department. It has a beach and is the main border town for Equatorial Guinea, ferries sailing to Cogo across the river and the border. Coco used to be just an unremarkable small fishing village, but now it's one


Bifoun is a town located in Moyen-Ogooué province, Gabon. It lies on the intersection between the N1 and N2 roads. The town is split by the N1 road from Libreville. The road is surrounded by farmlands with agricultural produce including grapefruits, mandarin oranges, as well as ground nuts. Beyond the farmlands lies the rainforest. The N1 and N2 intersection lies on the

Memorial Leon Mba

Forty years after his death, the Léon M'ba Memorial was built in Libreville to honor his memory. President Bongo laid the cornerstone for the Memorial on 9 February 2007, and it was inaugurated by Bongo on 27 November 2007. In February 2008, it was opened to the public. This place is in remembrance of their leader who achieved independence for the

Akanda National Park

Akanda National Park is one of 13 National Parks in Gabon set up in 2002 by President Omar Bongo after a two-year study by the DFC, WCS, and WWF. The 13 national parks are designed to represent the biodiversity of the country and encourage tourism. Akanda National Park is located in the northeast of the country, near Libreville, with a

Cathédrale Sainte Marie

The Sainte-Marie cathedral, built-in 1958 by Bishop Adama, was built on the site of the former Fort d’Aumale, the first post built by the French Navy in 1843. It dominates the boulevard and has pretty stained glass windows. It was built to replace the first church, Notre-Dame de Neiges, still standing but not visiting. It was built and blessed in