Exploring Tourism in Gabon
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Gabon Popular Places to Visit


Tourists come to Mayumba for its nesting site of the world famous leatherback turtles (November to February) and for whale
watching from (July to September), for fishing and for the tranquility and the scenery of this beautiful region that offers lagoon, 
sea and forest inside.
Tourists enjoy sandy beaches, lined with coconut trees, stretching out of sight. Here and there, fishermen canoes await the right 
moment to go to sea. You have reasons to choose Mayumba as your next Destination.
Mayumba, Gabon


Lambaréné is for tourists who discover for the first time the rainforest and lakeside trail. The city is bisected by the river 1,200 km long of 
Ogooué lake with a dense and varied fauna. You could visit the hospital of the famous Dr. Albert Schweizer founded 1927 and still in open.  
Also to see is the architecture of the Catholic Mission St. Francis Xavier backing more than a century that is a wonder to discover fo Tourists.
Lambaréné, Gabon


Moukalaba- Doudou 
known by scientists to be one of the highest densities of primates Gabon, it is one 'best destination for tourists who want to see gorillas.
The forests have been extensively exploited and Marantaceae undergrowth that covered these areas are a major food source for rainforest
gorillas and chimpanzees, elephants. This destination is the only place in Gabon where you can watch waterbuck waterbuck, a specie of Antelope.
Moukalaba -Doudou is also an outstanding area for bird lovers beacuse if Kivoro lake that attracts many species of aquatic birds.
Tchibanga, Gabon


AKANDA, mother of mangroves  

It is because of its immense marine mangroves that Akanda park is particularly rich. The red mangrove roots houses has an extraordinary wildlife composed with manatees, monkeys and crabs. Mangroves around Akanda provide an important food resource for future generations because they are a wonderful nursery for many marine fish that come to deposit their eggs.

Besides, the red mangrove has a botanical richness and the humidity of the air coming from sea promotes lush growth beautiful orchids and other epiphytes on mossy branches of the coastal forest. It is a good experience for nature lovers.

Akanda, Gabon


Most beautiful Destination for Tourists 

This park is an extraordinary combination of beaches, lagoons, mangroves, salt marshes, swamps, savannahs and forests. 
An ecosystem that is rare and of exceptional character. It is accentuated by the fact that it has been remarkably well preserved.
In its largest intact expanse on the Atlantic Ocean you can see Elephants, hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes that circulate peacefully 
while sea turtles are lifting themselves out of the water to lay their eggs in the sand. 
From the coast you can watch whales and dolphins that perform figures on the surface of the water or surfers hippos probably 
in search of marine sediments .
Loango park is a birdwatcher's paradise with numerous species of birds including the famous pseudolangrayen Africa. 

It is a must see

Port-gentil, Gabon

Pongara National Park

Less than an hour Libreville boat, Pongara national park covers 870 km2 between the left bank of the estuary of the Komo and the 
Atlantic beach.
Majestic mangroves have developed Pongara and one can admire the mangroves with stilt roots. These mangroves teem with life. 
The tangle of roots, which stabilizes the soil and protects it from storms and erosion, provides shelter to millions of fish, frogs, crabs,
and mudskippers: a curious little fish can move out of the water as a frog hunt for insects.
The beaches Pongara, too, are very popular with coastal wildlife. sometimes you can see the traces of hippos and crocodiles between
the lagoons and the sea. Hundreds of sea turtles nest on these beaches while humpback whales and dolphins stay in the waters of Pongara.
Also in Pongara we have, Tern of whale, an endangered species, lives on the Gabonese coast outside the breeding season.
The variety of landscapes is a beautiful sample of the spectacle of nature in Gabon. But there is another diversity Pongara: that of the visitor: 
follower of the beach near the Pointe Denis, canoe fisherman in mangroves or nature lovers in the new trails. A Pleasure !!!
Pointe-denis, Gabon

Cristal Mountain

The Monts de Cristal, virgin and unspoilt

One of the least accessible to humans parks, National Park Crystal Mountains, withan area of ​​1,200 km2, consists of large blocks of
rainforest with reliefs from 200 to over 900 meters. 
At altitude, clouds and mists, almost constant, create favorable conditions for the development of plants eager to moisture, such 
as orchids. There are even plants that have still not been identified. Crystal Mountains are considered by many botanists as having
the greatest plant diversity throughout Africa.
These mountains are also home to a unique diversity of rare and colorful butterflies. The number of butterflies species is one of the
highest in Africa. But the Crystal Mountains are not the property of the smallest. Large charismatic mammals such as mandrills and 
elephants also live there.
In fact, the park is known internationally for its biological richness and we invite you to discover this special place.
Libreville, Gabon

Lope Park

Lope Park, The pride of GABON!
National Park Lope is located to the north of the massif Chaillu in the heart of Gabon. The park has a variety of ecosystems, primary and
 secondary forests, savannahs and rivers in a beautiful hilly scenery, rocky in places. National Park Lope consists of former savannas of at 
least 40 000 years, and a forest regions called "Pleistocene refugia." He is known especially for its rich flora. Marantaceae forests in the Lope 
National Park have the highest animal biomass of all the tropical rainforests of the world. The Lope park is also known for its large herds of 
mandrills, its rock carvings, reflections of a major migration route between other borrowed by the Bantu, and carved stones dating from 2000 
and 400,000 years respectively.
Internationally well know, Lope Park is visited by thousands of visitors and highly recommended by Tour Operators.

Lopé, Gabon

Bateke Plateaux

BATEKE PLATEAUX, Roofs of Gabon Parks

Located in the extreme South East part of Gabon,on the Congolese Borders, the Park Batéké trays cover  2050 Km2 with Peaks rising to 860 meters.

The Batéké Trays are a huge ocean of grass in the heart of the equatorial forest. These vast open savannahs were formed millenia ago on the sand dunes, become green hills, now covered by Forest strips along the River Mpassa. In places, the gentle terrain is broken by spectacular multicolor sand cliffs, pink, orange or black, erosion cirques called " Canyons". To be seen in a lifetime. This site is still empty and contibute largely to the beauty of the park, one of special places in the world that is not overflown by planes, no road crossing and where only ligths at Night are stars.

You will find a great diversity of species as Elephants, Gorillas, Buffalos and Wild pigs out of the forest to the river to drink and eat in savannah. There are also charismatic species as Lions and hyenas surviving there.

Birds you can in Batéké Plateaux are very rare as Batis angola, Bulbul Black collar and Francolin Finsch. Others Birds are nowhere on the plates: Wheatear Congo and black-chinned weaver. A great spectacle for Ornithologists !!!

The Batéké Plateaux are also the heart of the Téké Kingdom, who culture still continues in its traditional forms.

One word has to be said : Come !!!


Franceville, Gabon