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Gabon Popular Destinations

Aboretum Raponda Walker

A few kilometers from Libreville, we access easily to a natural park that houses the Arboretum Raponda Walker. Located in the forest of Mondah,
this arboretum is named after a famous native son, Monsignor André Raponda Walker, humanist, writer and researcher who contributed to the work
of building the knowledge of Gabonese heritage in various forms including botany. This park offers an amazing biodiversity and we dive
literally in the heart of the rainforest from the first meters traveled. humid atmosphere guaranteed, many small streams to cross,
lush vegetation and breathtaking trees including cheese and 60 m high.
Libreville, Gabon

Donguila Catholic Mission

This small village called Donguila is located on the right bank of the Komo River and to achieve this we take the Nationale 1

Ntoum up (towards Lambaréné) leaving Libreville by the famous PK12. Donguila the Catholic mission is one of the oldest in

the country and two years after its implementation the village will sprout houses, schools, workshops, gardens, food plantations and a chapel.

Donguila continues to exist thanks to the boarding school that also live in the parish. If during a Mass is harvested from 1000 to 2000 of our francs (€ 3.5)

from the faithful, it is truly a great miracle because the villagers have a reputation for not particularly very open hand toward the Church.

this church is listed World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it is an identical reconstruction of the old mission.

Donguila, Gabon

Ndjolé City

The official history says it starts when Savorgnan Pierre de Brazza arrived in the village the first time. It is said that he found

so beautiful that he decided to call "pretty", it was in 1883. Over time and under the influence of language Fang (local language)

the name changed to become first "N'zouli" and then under the influence this time of the French language, it took its present form N'djolé.

You naturally understand that this is the history of the name, not that of "Ndjoléens" because it is well before the arrival of Brazza.

Located along the navigable area Ogooué (the longest river of Gabon), it has two sides and among them a historic island, the island Samory.

The missionaries were the first to settle in creating in 1897 the Mission of Saint Michel Ndjolé on the left bank, another identical Mission was built

later added on the right side because of the dangers of the canoe crossing. City Multi-ethnic and cultural true cosmopolitan place where different ethnicities

(Fang, Kota, Punu) live in full harmony. Located 225 km from Libreville on the national N1, Ndjolé remains the undeniable crossroads to reach by car to reach other


Ndjolé, Gabon

Quartier Isaac

On the other side of the bank, at the crossroads, on the left, the second bridge said "swallows" connects

the island to the southern districts, including the Isaac neighborhood where there are a good number of hotels , restaurants and various shops.

It is also on the banks of this arm of the Ogooué, two markets in the city, facing each other. To get there, you can also take a boat to the pier.



Lambaréné, Gabon

Hospital Schweitzer

The hospital Schweitzer: at the entrance of the resort, a large green sign points left towards the hospital-village

created in 1924 by "the great doctor." The old buildings, vacant now be visited. One may be struck by their age, however,

we must not forget the history of this institution. The house of Dr is now a museum that we visit. We discover his simply

furnished room, his cluttered desk as if to finish an urgent letter! A piano, objects and documents tell the life and work of this extraordinary man.

Lambaréné, Gabon

Déguéué Lake

Half-day excursion from ambaréné. This pretty little lake is located downstream of the Protestant mission Andendé.

The ride is a bit more adventurous as fast just lie to the lake entrance. It is therefore necessary to have an experienced boatman.

The lake is sparsely populated fishing camps settled there in the dry season.

Lambaréné, Gabon

Azingo Lake

Plan a day trip and a picnic. Azingo The lake is located on the border of the Nature Reserve Wonga-Wongué.

To access it in the dry season, choose an experienced guide because there are sandbanks, eddies ... and hippos!

This lake has given its name to the national football team.

Lambaréné, Gabon


Located 160 km from Libreville, Bifoun is at the crossroads of Lambaréné south Oyern north Ndjolé,

Makokou Koulamoutou Franceville and to the east, west Libreville. This crossroads, old market, is bristling

with big rocks that are as many seats for the youth of the village, and shelter for the goats! All around,

refreshment stalls, stalls, fruit stalls of straw used to make a stop. While refreshing, you can listen to the comments on the country's life.

Bifoun, Gabon


The last city in the north of Gabon, Bitam is locatred at 30Km from Cameroon Border. In local Language fang , Bitam means " wells ".

Cosmopolitan , lively and colorful , attended by Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea , the city is known for its large market offers a great

variety of local food and for its small restaurants serving a variety of bush meats. The main industrial activity of the area is the cultivation

of rubber in favor of Siat - Gabon company which bought in 2004 Hévégab . Here there are 2000 ha large rubber plantations , and the villagers

themselves have several hundred hectares .R

Bitam, Gabon

Gomé Lake

Lake Gome is located about two hours by canoe Lambaréné via the quickest waterway. The latter is closed in

the dry season because there are many sandbanks. To access it, you need to go to the lake Azingo and continue west.

The population is fang and Myéné origin. The largest village is called Dakar. The villagers are fishermen, farmers and

also work in the logging camps. It takes 2 days excursion to visit the Azingo Gome and lakes in the wake sleeping on site.

The villagers are always very welcoming. Provide the necessary camping without forgetting mosquito net, mosquito repellent

and provisions.This solution provides the advantage of being very early on hand to observe the lake fauna.

Lambaréné, Gabon